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Coaching with a Difference

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A qualified psychologist with a strong focus on using counselling techniques aimed at detoxifying and to rebalance your life. She is also a counsellor, incorporating mentoring- and coaching techniques to reclaim wellness, health and personal growth. A client focused counselling and -if required- coaching agenda designed for mind, career and life in general –“She is like a personal trainer- but for all of your life's goals and aspirations; multi tasking is turned into a personal strength!”

Established in 2008 to provide a solution focused approach to address people related and often organisational issues at the heart of a changing society, culture and environment.
We are working with clients across the private and public sectors in facilitating change at personal, team and
organisational levels.

Getting a grip on managing anger caused by frustration, disappointment & disillusion as well as dealing with those relationship issues and related anxieties I incorporate appropriate counselling techniques in addition to more independent methods and techniques of coaching. This strategy may be appropriate for individuals- and couple counselling as well as in a work setting within a corporate environment.

We believe in a holistic philosophy of ‘Coaching with a Difference’
•Searching, evaluating, counselling and coaching techniques are offered, which are focused on how best to reach goal(s) and meet aspiration(s). In as little a time as possible with tools such as Strong Interest - and Hogan Personality Inventory (psychometric measure) we will work towards those aims.
This approach allows for multi-tasking (e.g. combining body & mind) and saving time while you are literately and physically working towards your goals –

We address any troublesome issues under my guidance together and quite possibly within a relatively short period of time you allow yourself personal wellness, positive health and individual mental growth as part of the kaleidoscope called 'Your life'.
....“She is like a Personal Trainer- but for all of your life's goals and aspirations; the stress of multi tasking is turned into a personal strength!”

•Let us help you to finally detox your mind, verbalise your personal vision and making it real.
Therefore making way for your aims and goals to become achievable as soon as we progress on this journey.

Our values are simple!

• Absolute respect for the client for what they do and who they are
• Acting with honesty and integrity.
• Making a measurable difference- Outcome and results focussed -

I am a counsellor who incorporates mentoring- and coaching techniques to evaluate for example stagnation within career development using specific career counselling approaches for general- as well as private and personal relationship issues within this spectrum. I am a strong believer that a person’s career development and working life is intrinsically linked to the more intimate and personal relationships in his or her private life. Action and reaction as well as cause and effect play a great part in everyone’s’ life.

Expect the Best
by way of flexibility in techniques and multitasking while our partnership will support you on your journey aiming for the ultimate destination.

To help you to decide if our services may be a key to the next stage in your life you might like to use this
moment to browse among ‘Topics open for discussion or Coaching-Why & How or any of the other prompts on the left and on the top of this page.

Here you will be given an idea of the kind of expertise you can expect from us, what we do and what we aim for in a range of possible settings such as while walking in the park.

Intrigued? – We are very happy to guide you through possibilities and options; be it in the capacity as your Personal Development Coach or as your counsellor.

You might even choose a combination of the two approaches with its various techniques.

This will be determined when you have had a chance to make that first contact to arrange a ‘No obligation - Free consultation’.